TBT; Le Corbusier’s Influence On Chloé Resort 15


For the Chloé Resort 15 collection designer Claire Waight Keller was inspired by a visit to the modernist Villa Savoye by architect Le Corbusier“It was about these architectural girls who love clean lines and silhouettes” she told during her runway presentation.

Build in the 1930′s, the villa represents the five points of modern architecture, and is one of the most easily recognizable;
Support of ground-level pilotis, elevating the building from the earth.
Functional roof, serving as a garden and terrace.
Free floor plan, allowing walls to be placed freely and only where aesthetically needed.
Long horizontal windows, providing illumination and ventilation.
Freely-designed facades, serving only as a skin of the wall and windows.

Now we know the “rules”, we can look into the designer’s mind by translating these rules to long skirt lines that seems like the person wearing it is lifted from the earth, horizontal stripes to create a graphic effect, architectural sweater prints and an overall functional and clean tailoring. Don’t we all love to be that girl – wearing those clothes and living in that house - Claire was referring to?


Images borrowed from style.com

Hello Summer; Strap Detail Leather Sandals


If the ugly shoe trend is not your thing, these timeless chic leather sandals by & Other Stories are a good alternative. I love that strap detail, which prevents you from toe cramps trying to keep your feet in the shoe instead of flipflopping allover the place. And most important, they will survive more fashion seasons than just the Summer of 14.


Hello Summer, ByeBye Hipster Beards


This may come as a shock to you, but it’s time to ditch those Viking beards and Magnum moustaches guys. According to the Guardian “hipster” beards are over and I couldn’t agree more. So go to your barber and get a shave, you’re not Roald Dahl’s Mr. Twit. On the fashion part, you can keep your fixed gear bike, your florals, your skinnies, your denim jacket, your Ray Ban, your slimfit shirts and your Vans. And as I love tattoos, inked sleeves are always a good idea.

men2men3Images from my Men’s Style Pinterest board