Why I’ve Deleted All Zara Posts


Retail Therapy isn’t a sponsored fashion blog, all posts refer to my personal style, favourite brands and designers and inspiration. So yeah I’m like you, I have a fashion budget, I have to save months before I can afford a designer piece and yes, I shop at the highstreet too.
That was until today…

I bought a Zara scarf online, that Céline brushstroke copy would make a cool trend addition to my mostly black wardrobe. This Monday I picked it up, cut off that annoying label and got rid of the pricetag. Now I’ve learned the hard way to never do that with regular clothes but I thought WTF can go wrong with a piece of fabric.
That was until today…

When I wore the scarf today I’ve noticed many little flaws in the fabric that were about to become holes, so I decided to return it to the store. At first the staff reacted co-operative, but when she found out I cut off the label and pricetag she couldn’t take it back. I friendly asked her if there was anything she could do, but when she refused I not-so-friendly told her that Zara should be ashamed to ask so much money for no quality and that she could keep the damn scarf without even wanting my money back.

I used to do a lot of shopping at Zara and I used to do a lot of inspirational posts including Zara pieces.
That was until today…NO MORE FASHION VICTIMS

Get The Look; Céline Brush Strokes


Combine items from the Art Farty and Sports trend seen at Céline to create a chic black and white outfit. With a heritage in tennis, Fred Perry provides us with a cool sports skirt with striped detail. Add some brushstrokes with a COS top, some architecture with United Nude heels and finish it off with a minimalist leather cuff, also from COS.


H&M X …Alexander Wang

Only three months after the launch, my Isabel Marant Pour shirt proved to be of Plus Poor quality, pardon my French. And just when I swore to myself I will never buy any guest designer collection again, Alexander Wang decided to work with H&M. What better way to end my collab addiction than with a few budget pieces from my fave New Yorker, November 6 will be the last time…I swear.

The Lemony Flutter Foot Spa Treatment

lemony flutter lush

Most of us already have experienced some beautiful Spring sunshine, so it won’t be long before we can wear those open heel sandals again. Cracked heels not only make an ugly appearance, but can also be very painful which is often caused by a lack of moisturizing.

To make your feet babysoft again, start now with giving them the Sunday Spa treatment every week. After the soaking, scrubbing and dead skin removing ritual, apply a thick layer of Lush Lemony Flutter. But wait a minute, isn’t that the product that gains 80000 hits when Googeling for cuticle butter? You’re right, but I’ve used it every day for two weeks now and trust me the stuff works magic on your heels. Once your heels have healed, use the flutter every night to keep your feet moisturized and avoid future foot problems.