Intolerant Foodie; Easter Bunny Cocktails


Two yellow cocktails to take you through your food intolerant Easter weekend; New York style Mimosa for breakfast and brunch and Limoncello Gin Fizz for diner.


Mimosa; Fill a champaign flute with 1/3 orange juice and top with champaign or cava brut, fructose intolerant foodies use passion fruit pulp as this is tolerated rather well.

limoncello gin

Limoncello Gin Fizz; Fill a shaker with 1tbs lime juice, 1tbs limoncello, 2 large sprigs of grilled thyme, two shots of gin and ice. Shake well and pour in a tumbler.

Keep ‘em coming, Easter Bunny cheers!

Intolerant Foodie; Easter Banana Bread


Chocolate eggs, breads and buns or loaf with almond paste, being a food intolerant foodie is hard at Easter. At one small pot I found this beautiful banana bread based on gluten free almond flower, lactose free coconut oil and low-fructose banana. Sprinkle it with pistachios instead of pumpkin seeds and you’ve got yourself a festive treat without that terrible feeling you’ll have to skip all the food fun everybody else is enjoying this weekend.

Please note that intolerances may vary, adjust the recipe to your personal needs.