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Why I’ve Deleted All Zara Posts


Retail Therapy isn’t a sponsored fashion blog, all posts refer to my personal style, favourite brands and designers and inspiration. So yeah I’m like you, I have a fashion budget, I have to save months before I can afford a designer piece and yes, I shop at the highstreet too.
That was until today…

I bought a Zara scarf online, that Céline brushstroke copy would make a cool trend addition to my mostly black wardrobe. This Monday I picked it up, cut off that annoying label and got rid of the pricetag. Now I’ve learned the hard way to never do that with regular clothes but I thought WTF can go wrong with a piece of fabric.
That was until today…

When I wore the scarf today I’ve noticed many little flaws in the fabric that were about to become holes, so I decided to return it to the store. At first the staff reacted co-operative, but when she found out I cut off the label and pricetag she couldn’t take it back. I friendly asked her if there was anything she could do, but when she refused I not-so-friendly told her that Zara should be ashamed to ask so much money for no quality and that she could keep the damn scarf without even wanting my money back.

I used to do a lot of shopping at Zara and I used to do a lot of inspirational posts including Zara pieces.
That was until today…NO MORE FASHION VICTIMS

H&M X …Alexander Wang

Only three months after the launch, my Isabel Marant Pour shirt proved to be of Plus Poor quality, pardon my French. And just when I swore to myself I will never buy any guest designer collection again, Alexander Wang decided to work with H&M. What better way to end my collab addiction than with a few budget pieces from my fave New Yorker, November 6 will be the last time…I swear.

How To DIY A Chanel Graffiti Backpack


Remember that time when backpacks were called BacSacs and subway trains and stations were bombed with pieces by Keith Haring or Lee? One of the most iconic bags in the Art trend this Spring is the Chanel graffiti backpack.

Since no eighties girl would be fooled by the $3400 (!) price tag, it was only a matter of time before the web was bombed with cool DIY’s. Follow these steps by ChicCheat, be prepared to get messy and you’ve got your own Bricolage,  which means DIY in French so Karl should have seen this coming.

Choose a normal size or a mini version, which is great for the coming Summer Festival season. To avoid a shameless copy and make the bag more personal, I’d suggest you use your own initials and hometown instead of CC, Rue Cambon, Paris.

If your totally NOT in the mood for a crafty Sunday, try a vintage search for an original canvas and leather BagSac backpack now before prices will reach the sky as backpacks are making a serious comeback.

Streetstyle image borrowed from Le 21éme


Fashion Home; Rick Owens & Michele Lamy


The Paris apartment of Rick Owens and Michele Lamy is everything you would expect from the avantgarde couple. The former French Socialist Party headquarters is transformed into a raw loft style space with concrete floors. One exception to the apartment’s bare walls is the big meeting room mural, done by Michele’s daughter Scarlett Rouge. The interior is monumental, dramatic and most of the times designed by Rick himself,  from the monolithic brass-topped table, to the cashmere felt-covered plywood bed in the master bedroom.

“How do we make all the things around us beautiful?” Owens asks rhetorically, explaining his interior design philosophy to the Wall Street Journal. “Every switch plate, every sneaker, I want all the everyday stuff to be great.” We would not have expected anything else.

Images borrowed from the Wall Street Journal