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Hello Summer; 12 Piece Travel Packing List


I’ve been using the Travel Fashion Girl packing lists all the times when packing for my adventures and whether I escaped for either one week or three months, trust me 12 wardrobe pieces is really all you need on vacation.

The magic formula?
6 tops + 4 bottoms + 2 dresses = the perfect 12 piece packing list

1 According to your style, destination and plans you can choose what individual pieces to pack as long as you stick to the total of 12. For example, you can bring 2 more dresses but then you have to leave 1 top and 1 bottom.
2 Stick to one color scheme like black, white and (denim) blue, so everything mixes and matches. But if you’re depending on backpacker’s washers, I’ve learned the hard way that bringing whites or delicates is not a good idea.
3 Outer- under- and sportswear doesn’t count, which doesn’t mean bringing five extra shorts ofcourse.
4 Shoes are down to two pairs, three if you include a pair of going out heels. But lets be realistic here, if you’re having a beach getaway, you will never ever wear that killer heel, same goes for cobblestone streets in let’s say Barcelona. The only killing part is your feet hurting, so bring a chic leather flat sandal instead.

Thanks to my fave Aussie bloggers Kaitlyn and Sara, I’ve put together an inspirational 12 piece travel wardrobe of dresses, shorts and shirts which I would love to bring on my travels. What 12 pieces are on your packing list?


Borrowed from Modern Legacy, @kaity_modern , Harper & Harley, @harperandharley

Hello Summer, ByeBye Hipster Beards


This may come as a shock to you, but it’s time to ditch those Viking beards and Magnum moustaches guys. According to the Guardian “hipster” beards are over and I couldn’t agree more. So go to your barber and get a shave, you’re not Roald Dahl’s Mr. Twit. On the fashion part, you can keep your fixed gear bike, your florals, your skinnies, your denim jacket, your Ray Ban, your slimfit shirts and your Vans. And as I love tattoos, inked sleeves are always a good idea.

men2men3Images from my Men’s Style Pinterest board

Hello Summer; Beach Essentials


Summer has started, and hopefully you will spend a lot of time with your feet in the sand. It’s a simple list that everybody knows, but just in case here are my six beach essentials, besides your bikini offcourse.

A white beach tunic, cool sunnies, a large beach bag, a quick-dry hammam towel, Havaianas, – since they are the coolest and last for ages – and finally loads of sunscreen.

Now there is a lot to be said about sunscreen, and ever since I’ve been diagnosed with fructose intolerance, cremes are giving me outbreaks, red spots or rashes. So I’ve tried to find a sunscreen which doesn’t contain alcohol, parabens, fruits or perfume and came up with La Roche Posay, which is especially developed for – food intolerance – sensitive skin. The Anthelios sunscreen range goes from SPF30 to SPF50 and is only available at your local apothecary.


Images borrowed from Modern Legacy, Sissy Boy, Hema, Havaianas, La Roche-Posay