Trending; Céline Brush Strokes


Never mind the Pollocks, here’s the Arty Farty trend. Did Karl, Miuccia and Phoebe all failed art class and felt the urgent psychological need to make up for it? Or is it coincidence all designers went crazy with splatters and paint in Who’s Afraid Of Red Yellow And Blue colors this Spring?

If you don’t want to be the subject of their frustration and look like a walking painting, but don’t mind a little black and yellow brush stroke accent, this Céline inspired Zara scarf is perfect for spicing up a Five Piece Wardrobe.


How To Bleach Paint A Zoe Karssen Tee


First of all all credits to Zoe Karssen for making these cool Rock ‘n Roll style tees. But when I saw a DIY on bleach painting I couldn’t think of any better design inspiration than her.


You’ll need: a cotton black tee, bleach, cardboard, a cardboard stencil, a cheap paintbrush, a spray bottle.

To paint a design; Protect your shirt on the inside with cardboard. Use some chalk to make a design than dip your brush in the bleach and quickly but carefully write over your design. Let dry and wash as normal.

To spray a design; Protect your shirt on the inside with cardboard. Cut out a stencil (moustache, bat or star) in cardboard, than lightly(!) spray over the area you do want to bleach out. Wait 5 minutes before deciding if more spray is needed. Let dry for 20 minutes before removing the stencil and wash as normal.

Tutorial borrowed from A Beautiful Mess



6 On-Trend Shoes At Stories


Although we have to wait a little longer for & Other Stories stores to drop in Antwerp or Amsterdam, we can go crazy on the shoes department online. The former Acne designers work magic creating feet candy with an Alexander Wang, Helmut Lang or Céline feel, without doing one-on-one copies, which is why I love their shoes so much.

These six models represent this Summer’s biggest shoe trends; chunky sandals, all-white, Vans slip-ons, cut-out and white (platform) soles.