Hello Summer, ByeBye Hipster Beards


This may come as a shock to you, but it’s time to ditch those Viking beards and Magnum moustaches guys. According to the Guardian “hipster” beards are over and I couldn’t agree more. So go to your barber and get a shave, you’re not Roald Dahl’s Mr. Twit. On the fashion part, you can keep your fixed gear bike, your florals, your skinnies, your denim jacket, your Ray Ban, your slimfit shirts and your Vans. And as I love tattoos, inked sleeves are always a good idea.

men2men3Images from my Men’s Style Pinterest board

Hello Summer; Charlize Theron In Vogue US


Charlize Theron is a true beach babe in the June editorial of Vogue US, shot by Mario Testino. Love the bikinis, love that Céline dress, love those relaxed Alexander Wang leather tracks, but what’s going on with the - Normcore - Adidas pool slides? Don’t know about you, but I’m really fed up with the How Far Can We Push The Ugly Wardrobe-game that both editors and fashion bloggers play these days.


Intolerant Foodie; Coconut Drinks


Unfortunately coconut water is not the magic elixer for a Giselle body, but it does bring great health benefits and contains no sugar or lactose, which is perfect for us food intolerant foodies. Drink it on hot Summer days, as it keeps the blood sugar, electrolytes, minerals and hydration levels in your body sky high.

To keep the morning-caffeine and evening-alcohol levels just as high, I found two yummy recipes for a coconut coffee shake and coconut mojitos.
Speaking of coconuts, do you have a sunburn after a lazy beach day? Forget expensive aftersun creams and treat your skin to virgin coconut oil to keep it soft and hydrated. Let’s go coconuts this Summer!

Please note that intolerances may vary, always adjust recipes to your personal needs.


Recipes and images borrowed from Green Kitchen Stories and How Sweet It Is