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Xmas Jewelry From The Céline Spring 15 Collection


After Alex, be inspired by the Céline Spring 15 collection for some cool Xmas outfits. The little black dress or the jumpsuit in your closet get an instant Holiday look with oversized strass ear clips. Find a similar style in the highstreet or create your own by adjusting vintage ear clips with strass strains from the craft store.

Always choose one statement accessory and keep the rest of your your outfit Phoebs-like minimalist to avoid looking like a walking Xmas tree.


3 Doc Martens Models Phoebe Philo Would Choose


Phoebe Philo did it with Vans slip ons, she did it with Birkenstock sandals, she did it with United Nude heels and now she does it with Doc Martens. Nobody is blaming Phoebs for copying, but truth has to be told, those platform shoes she sends of the runway for the Céline Fall 14 collection are very similar to the Brit workwear boots. If Phoebe could choose, I’m sure these three models would definately get her approval; girlie strapped Bethan, ankle boot Caitlin and preppy loafer Kizzy.



Fall 14 Trend; Ribbed Knit Trousers


Athough I wouldn’t recommend it for everyday wear, the ribbed knit trousers are perfect for cosy days at the couch. Inspired by Céline, fashion editors from around the globe let their September Issue models wear this new take on knits and styled it with Doc Martens boots. If wool pants aren’t your thing, get the same look with a pair of thick ribbed leggings or tights and wear it with a wool dress.


Image borrowed from The Fashionography

TBT; Lee Miller & Céline Fall 14


Phoebe Philo had the thirties in mind when designing the Céline Fall 14 collection. In fact, it was a photo of Lee Miller which was her starting point. “These women were doing things which were quite radical at the time, like wearing men’s clothes, but which today seem quite normal,” she told


But who was Lee Miller? Born in 1907, Lee started her modeling career on the cover of American Vogue in 1927. When she moved to Paris, she became the lover and muse of photographer Man Ray and became an established fashion and fine arts photographer herself.


During World War II she became the only female war correspondent for Vogue, covering events such as the London Blitz and the liberation of the Buchenwald and Dachau concentration camps. One of her most bizarre photographs of that time is a self portrait in Hitler’s bathtub with her dirty military boots in front of her.

celine5celine6Travelling Clothes

Even though she was recognized as one of the most remarkable photographers of her time, many of her images have still remained unpublished. Lee Miller in Fashion, written by Becky E. Conekin, is a special view on her life’s story.


When you look at the similarities in the pictures, it’s beautiful to see how Phoebe paid hommage to Lee’s art and free spirit lifestyle by designing thirties style coats, military – Doc Martens style – boots, and over the knee skirts for the free spirited women of today.